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Guitar Fun - Learn & Teach

...contains renowned solo guitar compositions which have been expanded - rearranged for more guitars.

These are available separately or as a set in a book.

You can enjoy listening to our music samples on this site

The book is designed for learnig as well as teaching and comes with a CD. It is suitable for guitar players from beginners to skilled ones.

It has already educated lots of guitarists from music schools as well as self taughts, all of them highly usable and adaptable in practical musicians´ life. They are doing well in various groups and orchestras of all styles.

Musical past and present are linked together here. We explore the world of modern music both rhythmically and melodically while building a classical basis proven by evolutionary experience.

There is a great variety of instrumentation possibilities, freely changable from one to four guitars and a bass, up to a guitar orchestra not just for guitar education but also for guitar chamber concert / performance puposes.

Each piece in the book is simultaneously a part of contrapunctal work with the number of voices which can be performed as a:

  • 1) Guitar solo,
  • 2) Guitar solo accompanied by the enclosed CD or an internet file,
  • 3) chamber music.

Guitar Fun
Guitar Fun

A beginner gets a slow but fluent start thus avoiding any kind of stress.

In some of the pieces there is possibility to play both a classical and electric guitar (also with an overdriven tube kind of sound), which brings brand new sound colours to chamber music as well as into classical guitar orchestras.


You surely have not dreamt about your performing along with famous, sophisticated guitar professors. How to do that? We grab any CD player, place it onto a stage, insert the enclosed CD, choose the appropriate number of a track, press „Play“ and there we go. You will be accompanied by:

  • prof. Jiri Jirmal (whose pupils won several times a world guitar contest),
  • prof. JAMU doc. Mgr. Vladislav Bláha, Art.D (Academy Of Music),
  • Mgr. Pavel Svab
  • and Miloslav Mrlik

Both performing and practising are becoming more fun accompanied by CD and even a beginner enjoys listening to his practising because „the rest of a group“ gets it right.

We are simultaneously getting used to complicated rhythm patterns by listening to coplayers. And we have accompanying players always handy on our CD.

All the pieces are further more „equiped“ with chord diagrams not only to accompany but also to create a simple bass (described inside the book) such as e-bass, double bass etc. There are also some composed bass parts in the book.

Chamber music can be played here by guitarists of different ages. : „Senior guitarists” gladly set an example to freshmen.

We wish you a lot of music, fun and happines.

Miloslav Mrlik & prof. Jiri Jirmal